How to get Electronic PIN

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We provide LOPEDS access, it’s a Point-Of-Sale (POS) Electronic PIN Distribution System that eliminates the need to stock physical pin-based cards and allows you to sell cards on demand. LOPEDS will improve your profitability, increase sales, track business performance, and reduce operating costs, it’s the easiest and affordable alternative to traditional phone cards, and you can reload your customer’s account at anytime.

LOPEDS Benefits
Minimized inventory costs
Improved inventory management
Reduced theft and fraud
Lowered sales force costs for delivery and collections
Increased cash flow
Rapid development of new services
No out-of-stocks
Engaged counter or shelf space productivity
Quality reporting for increased profit ability
 Wireless Cell Refills
• No Credit Check
• Everyone’s Approved- Retailers- Individuals
• Earn instant commissions
• Order through our easy website process
• No inventory, equipment or software needed
  Bill Payment
• Increase store traffic
• Earn real-time commissions
• Set your own convenience fees
• Profit from a service everyone can use
• Process payments through our FREE website
• No annual fees, minimums or monthly service charges

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